Backwoods Horror Marches On In 'Get Out Alive' - Bloody Disgusting
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Backwoods Horror Marches On In ‘Get Out Alive’



For low-budget horror fare, the backwoods setting is a staple. It’s cheap, easy to shoot and justifies a road trip. Not thgat I;m complaining, I’d much rather wach hicksploitation than a sh*tty ghost movie. Get Out Alive was written and directed by Clay DuMaw and stars David Fichtenmayer, Rhiannon Skye Roberts, David Iannotti, Tyler Sutton, Jay Storey, Jesse Maner and Jarad Hooge.

In the film, “While driving home from their summer vacation, siblings Paul and Marilyn find themselves stranded at a desolate truck-stop when their car breaks down along the back roads of upstate New York. Before long, they discover that a strange creature is being held in a cage behind the local auto shop, and the shop’s mechanic, along with his assistant, plan on feeding them to it. In their attempt to escape, Paul and Marilyn fall prey to these two homicidal locals, bent on preserving the secret of their bloodthirsty pet monster.

You can get more on the film at Facebook. Head inside for the trailer and poster.


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