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Capcom’s Working On Figuring Out Why ‘Resident Evil 6’ Fell Short Of Expectations



So far, five million copies of Resident Evil 6 have sold worldwide, and for most games such an impressive number would be a huge success. The high development costs and even higher hopes Capcom had for the title, that isn’t the case, as it comes about two million short of their expectations. So what went wrong? Why, poor marketing, of course.

We believe there was inadequate organizational collaboration across our entire company with regard to marketing, promotions, the creation of plans, and other activities.” Capcom told investors during a recent Q&A.

They also mention “development challenges” as another possible cause for the title’s falling short of expectations.

I enjoyed the game, but I understand the issues a majority of fans have with it, so I’ll help narrow the possible causes down a bit: Resident Evil 6 was bloated.

It tried to do everything, and in doing so, the overall quality of each individual campaign suffered. They tried to appeal to as many fans as possible, and that resulted in three campaigns that felt totally different from each other. I loved Leon’s campaign, but I probably won’t ever return to the other two.

Oh, and quick-timed events. Yeah, no more of those, please.

That reboot sure sounds good, huh?

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