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[OMFG] Capcom Confirms ‘Resident Evil’ Will Return To Its Roots With Possible Reboot

Resident Evil fans rejoice! Capcom has heard your pleas for help and they’re acting on the dissatisfaction many of you felt while playing Resident Evil 6… and Resident Evil 5. Masachika Kawata, who has been a producer on the franchise for some time now, recently spoke with IGN about Revelations’ upcoming HD port to consoles. I think a lot of what people want now is to have Chris and Jill in a game, or they want it to look like Resident Evil used to look like. That’s what makes the game work for them. We should be able to start from scratch and reboot it. It would still be Resident Evil. We wouldn’t lose the essential nature of what makes it a good game just by changing the characters.” Kawata told IGN.

Did I hear you say “start from scratch and reboot it” Kawata san? My oh my, I do believe I’ve fallen in love (that sentence is best read in a breathy Victorian woman’s voice). More after the break.

Capcom has said they want a piece of Call of Duty’s big, tasty money pie. Like any company they need to make money, and survival horror doesn’t make enough to justify the cost of developing a AAA Resident Evil game. As good as games like Silent Hill and Amnesia are, they’re never going to make as much money as your annual blockbuster shooter. However, this doesn’t mean Capcom isn’t willing to try.

“Survival horror as a genre is never going to be on the same level, financially, as shooters and much more popular, mainstream games. At the same time, I think we need to have confidence to put money behind these projects, and it doesn’t mean we can’t focus on what we need to do as a survival horror game to meet fan’s needs.”

I think Capcom is in a perfect place to help bring about a survival horror renaissance, of sorts. We’ve seen it already from indie developers and the recent success of Slenderman inspired video games. Capcom has the money and the perfect brand — Resident Evil — to take a risk. If they create a top tier survival horror game with the Resident Evil name and it’s hugely successful, that could lead to many exciting things for fans of the genre.

“I think it’s undeniable to say the series returning to its roots is important, and those roots are horror.”

Well said.

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