For Those Of You Who Wish To Redecorate In A More "Black Metal" Style, Look No Further - Bloody Disgusting
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For Those Of You Who Wish To Redecorate In A More “Black Metal” Style, Look No Further



Something that I think about quite often is my living space. I look at my walls and I think, “Wouldn’t it be nice to hang up some beautiful piece of artwork/frame a badass horror movie poster and put that shit up there?” Let’s be honest with ourselves and admit that we enjoy coming home and seeing nice things. And when a room is really tied together, possibly due to a rug, it just feels so wonderful to sit there and drink it all in.

But what if you’re unsure on how to do some interior decoration? What if the skill of knowing what color wall goes with what type of furniture is simply beyond you? Well, sheepcore (I’m not joking) band Bleating Apocalypse is here to help you with “Black Metal Interior Design”! Head on below for what might be these most brutal, insanely hilarious interior decorating song I’ve ever heard (also the only interior decorating song I’ve ever heard).

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