New Gameplay From Vampire Game 'Dark' Leaves Me Worried - Bloody Disgusting
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New Gameplay From Vampire Game ‘Dark’ Leaves Me Worried



Dark is our chance to get a good vampire game. Though vampires seem to be taking over tv and movies, we haven’t seen much of an influx in the video game world. Which is a shame because if the right company starts putting the effort towards a game the genre could become as big as zombies have. What does make me nervous about Dark is that it looks like it might focus too heavily on stealth. It makes sense because vampires are usually pretty stealthy. However, it could also hurt the game if it becomes repetitive and boring. I’ll let you make that decision. Head past the break to check out the latest game play video and game features.

Features of DARK:

*Stealth and action combine as players walk the world in darkness and silence, attacking their unsuspecting foes with supernatural fury
*Use powerful vampire abilities and hard-hitting melee attacks to defeat dangerous enemies – turn into a puff of smoke and disappear, or close in on your foes in an instant!
*Powerful and intelligently controlled AI enemies mix the fantastic with the real-world. Battle police and elite special forces along with ghouls and other vampires
*Castles, museums, skyscrapers, nightclubs and more are rendered in stunning 3D graphic novel style graphics, beckoning the player to explore – but beware, powerful enemies hide everywhere
*RPG element mix with a compelling story – players will build up their skills through successful evasion and combat, while advancing the story through conversations with NPCs


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