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[‘Evil Dead’ Month] Members Of The Black Dahlia Murder, Paradise Lost, Napalm Death, And More Talk The ‘Evil Dead’ Films



The new Evil Dead film will be coming out next Friday and it seems like the entire horror fanbase is on pins and needles awaiting its release. To be honest, I don’t think I’ve seen such hype for a horror release since I began here at Bloody-Disgusting back in late 2009. From the look of it, it’s a film that not only respects the horror fanbase but is a film made for us. Still, having not seen the film, I can only wait with you and hope for the best.

This excitement and fervor has swept into the music world and members of some of the most extreme and intense bands out there want to share their thoughts on the original films and the upcoming remake. Head on below for thoughts from members of Paradise Lost, The Black Dahlia Murder, Monuments, Tech N9ne, Bonded By Blood, Palisades, Broken Hope, and a whole slew more!

Doc Coyle of God Forbid (Equilibrium)

On the original trilogy: “There was an obvious evolution over the course of the series. It’s difficult to tell if the original was meant to be funny or if the low budget and B-movie sensibilities naturally manifested themselves into schlocky humor. Or it could be that Bruce Campbell is just going to be funny in any role because he’s amazing. “Evil Dead 2” is my favorite because it nails down the balance between horror and humor. I’m still not sure if that balance has been duplicated although the recent “Cabin in the Woods” was a valiant effort in the same style. In many ways, it is an homage to the “Evil Dead” series. “Army of Darkness” is just pure fun. It lacks the edge of the predecessors, but makes up for it by being just hilarious and more epic in scope. Sometimes it helps to have a “boomstick”!

On the upcoming remake: “I saw the trailer and it looks scary as hell, but doing it that straight isn’t really the “Evil Dead” formula. I think most of us legit movie nerds are sick of the remake, reboot film culture. There should be a statute of limitations on remaking films that are still in our collective hearts and minds. This film may be great, so I will reserve judgement. I really loved the “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” remake and Zack Snyder’s “Dawn of the Dead” (which wasn’t really a remake outside of the mall and the existence of zombies), but remakes of “Total Recall” and “The Thing” were completely unnecessary.

Sven De Caluwe of Aborted/System Divide (Global Flatline/The Conscious Sedation)

Evil Dead has/is always been one of my all time fave horror movies, be it the first two or Army of Darkness, they are all masterpieces in their own style. The original shows there was no need for a big budget to create something original and captivating, while Army of Darkness was more axed towards the comedy aspect of the films. Based upon the trailers of the remake though, it looks like this is going to be one of the most vile, brutal and scary movies in a long time. I cannot wait to see the full thing, and hopefully it’ll meet my expectations. I don’t expect the same thing as the old movies, but it looks much darker with an insane twist based on the same foundation. Many have complained that Ash isn’t there, but as iconic as Ash may be, I don’t think there is space for his character in this dark portrayal of the film. Ash is part of the comedic part of the old Evil Dead films in my opinion. All in all, we are all very excited at camp Aborted to lay eyes open this disgusting new remake and to see the full tongue cutting scene for ourselves.

***The song “Vermicular, Obscene, Obese” is inspired by Dead by Dawn, mainly the rotting fat cellar dead mother/monster.***

Mauro Gonzalez of Bonded By Blood (The Aftermath)

The Evil Dead series is epic. I fell in love with the first and second one because it was basically the same movie but the second one was not as serious and had a lot more slapstick type of humor. The first Evil Dead was a great B-movie with lots of gore and a little more serious but as a teenager watching it I couldn’t help but laugh my ass off. Army of Darkness was even better, the book of the dead was a dope concept and the movie had some scary moments but all in all gory and funny. I’m actually pretty excited for the new Evil Dead movie. At first, I was a skeptic and a bit angry about it being remade but when I saw the trailer it looks like its going to be really good. It’s a much more serious approach at a cult classic that actually looks like a movie that’s going to scare the shit out of people! Therefore I can’t wait to see it.

Josh Lyford of Foxfires (The Golden Age EP)

On the original trilogy: “I saw the first Evil Dead film when I was very young, probably too young to be watching something like that, and I never looked back. In fact, in a bizarre way I owe a lot to the Evil Dead trilogy. It kickstarted my interest in B-horror, horror, camp and comedy. It’s the reason I got into horror writing in the first place, it’s why I (very briefly) enrolled in college to pursue film. Until I saw the first two movies, I didn’t realize that you could combine horror and wit to create this other, unbelievably fun, entity. I think, honestly, that the trilogy molded my sense of humor in a lot of ways. I’d be biting my nails and cracking up all at the same time, all other ‘one-liners’ in every movie, book or TV show were measured next to Bruce Campbell’s. The way the trilogy seamlessly flows through outright terror-inducing mania, to campy scares to downright action-camp is incredible and I don’t think any other trilogy can touch Evil Dead in that respect. From that day forward, I have been soaking in everything horror, camp, Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell, or undead related that I can and so far, nothing has sparked a feeling like watching that first Evil Dead film.

On the upcoming remake: “I had mixed feelings about an Evil Dead remake, I think in general Hollywood plays a little too fast and loose with remaking classics. With that being said, if big Bruce Campbell gives it his seal of approval, I can get behind it. The trailers actually look really good and I will give it an honest shot before I judge it, I genuinely hope that it is awesome because it would be great to add another film to the repertoire. With that being said, I am certainly not trying to get my hopes up too high.

Also, I’ve attached a picture of my Evil Dead trilogy leg sleeve, which has some images from the classic covers as well as some of my favorite parts of the movies!

Jason Decay of Cauldron (Tomorrow’s Lost)

Well, I suppose we did look to Evil Dead for inspiration for the “Nitebreaker” video, especially for the “being chased through the woods” scenes and the smoking graves. Actually, we tried to rip it off completely because the cinematography and effects in those original films are so good! I can really appreciate the labour of the realistic effects in the originals, and the charm of little things like the camera moving the branches out of the way in the intro scene in part 1. Can’t say I’m much of a fan of remakes, especially when I’m already a fan of the original – I usually find stuff I don’t like in remakes, but I’m looking forward to giving it a shot anyway.

Shane Embury of Napalm Death (Utilitarian

I was a massive fan of the original movie! Being English, I saw it on video as a kid, since it was tough to see those films in the UK at the time since the UK had a banned list of Horror movies. I went to my friend’s house to watch it since they were the only ones with a VCR– it blew my mind and scared me shitless!! Musically, it influenced my interest in all things extreme since the movie itself was the most extreme movie I had seen at the time.

Trevor Strnad of The Black Dahlia Murder (Ritual)

I remember the first time I saw Evil Dead… it was at my friends birthday party in 7th grade. It was recommended by the same older sister that had gotten us all into punk and heavy metal music… so we knew we were in for the real deal. The movie scared the unholy 13 year old shit out of us… we were terrified. I remember the possessions really effecting me… the way the people would contort and writhe was disturbing. The possessed had that awful way that they sounded when they spoke and howled… pretty insane as well. The vine rape scene was intense… I love the idea of the forest coming alive… so much so that I wrote a song about it many years later.

Raped In Hatred By Vines Of Thorn
Dense dark forest dismal fog a spectral force perverts these woods flight prevails frantic escape the unearthly horrors at each turn they wait wandering roots they creak and move slithering toward what mortal life intrudes terrified eyes opened wide ensnare her flailing limbs to the earth they are tightly tied raped in hatred by vines of thorn by the evil dead to ribbons ripped and torn raped in hatred by vines of thorn pierced from within her child is skewered unborn raped in hatred by vines of thorn twisted in halves in this gruesome tug-of-war raped in hatred by vines of thorn flora possessed suckling the gore untamed kudzu green cocoon inside her flesh their food death prevails gnarled roots entwine syphon the marrows from her splintered spine animate trees shuffle their roots gathering around this late night rendezvous murderous orgy in full bloom her screams they cut the fog this night on sheer terror the seedlings thrive raped in hatred by vines of thorn behold the wrath of the necromicon raped in hatred by vines of thorn lancing her womb the child inside is gorged raped in hatred by vines of thorn broken in two entwined within the growth raped in hatred by vines of thorn necrotized demonic spores you brought this all unto yourselves should not have tampered with this hell opening the book your last mistake these haunted woods shall be thine grave raped in hatred by vines of thorn by the evil dead to ribbons ripped and torn raped in hatred by vines of thorn pierced from within her child is skewered unborn raped in hatred by vines of thorn twisted in halves in this gruesome tug-of-war raped in hatred by vines of thorn flora possessed suckling the gore

Lori Peri of The Safety Fire (Grind The Ocean)

On Evil Dead 1: “Even though the effects can look quite budget these days, it was fairly special considering the shoe string budget they were on. The shots where the camera speeds along the ground emulating the approaching ‘evil’ are fantastic at adding a sense of an extremely close dark event, which ramps up the suspense– which is the key, for me at least, to all good horror films. It’s even better when you know that these shots were taken by tying the camera to a plank of wood, and the camera man just started running with the camera as close the ground as possible. Either with modern equipment or CGI, the intended effect of the chaotic, almost stumbling approach would be lost.

On Army Of Darkness: “These two films were regular viewing for both Calvin and I from about the age of 8, and Evil Dead 3 was actually the first Evil Dead film that I think either of us saw. We would get a group of school friends together and reenact scenes regularly– there is nothing quite like an infected evil hand being cut off by a chainsaw before running off and flipping Ash the bird, when you are not even in double digits. We also took joy at the alternate ending sequence to Army of Darkness, where Ash accidentally takes one too many drops of the sleeping elixir to find himself in a post-apocalyptic London.

On the upcoming remake: “With the involvement of both Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi, I am hoping for the remake to be at least a good watch. I loved Drag Me to Hell, the last Sam Raimi film I watched (we don’t talk about Spider-Man 3), which was unbelievably entertaining, even if it was no more than a shock horror, rather than actually ‘scary’, so I am quietly confident for this. I have heard that there is no Ash character in this though, which disappoints me. Who can we hail if there is no king?

Tech N9ne (Welcome To Strangeland)

Dave Hunter of Circles (The Compass)

I’m a massive horror movie fan! Can’t get enough of the stuff. You can’t deny the original Evil Dead is timeless in the horror genre. Sam Raimi is the master at mixing brutal horror with a twist of quirky comedy. He injects a very distinct flavor into his films where you instantly know it’s his work. I must have watched the first three movies one hundred times over. I recently caught the trailer for the remake and it looks absolutely brutal!! It seems like it will be much more sinister than the original. In my opinion, it would be near impossible to re-create the first film in all it’s glory, but as a stand alone flick, I’m very interested to see it.

Chris Burnsides of Sleepers Awake (Priests Of The Fire)

After repeated viewings of these films in various states of mind I gained the valuable life lesson that with a strong enough chin anything is possible. As far as the new film goes, well, if they’re looking for positive expectations then they can go find someone else’s childhood to trample on. No Sam Raimi, no Bruce Campbell, nothing Evil or Dead about it as far as I am concerned. That being said I will probably still see it because I am an impulsive consumer whore. “Shop smart… Shop S-Mart!”

Jeremy Thirteenth and Tupi of Snow White’s Poison Bite (Featuring: Dr. Gruesome And The Gruesome Gory Horror Show)

On the original trilogy: “I must say the original Evil Dead movies are some of my favourite horror movies of all time. The fact that they had an idea like that back in the 80’s is unbelievable. You still can’t beat it and we’re in the year 2013!!! Yes, most GOOD horror movies always give me musical inspiration in some way or another.” – Jeremy Thirteenth

Awesome movies! Loved them when I was a kid and still do, although I haven’t watched them in a long time. Favorite movie from the trilogy was Army of Darkness, chainsaw-hand Bruce! Just so epic!” – Tupi

On the upcoming remake: “I’m not really into all of these remakes that have been made lately. I mean the 2010 “A Nightmare on Elm Street” was terrible, but I’m a huge fan of the original ones. The only good remake I can think of is the Rob Zombie Halloween movie, well it’s kind of not even a remake, he just used the story of Michael Myers and gave the film his own twist. They should let Rob do all these remakes so that they would be good ones. I’ll give this Evil Dead remake a shot, but I already know that nothing can beat the original horror classics.” – Jeremy Thirteenth

It’s probably going to be in 3D with added boobs. Probably going to be shitty. Original is a classic as it is.” –Tupi

Tyler Konersman and Isaac Etter of Tear Out The Heart (Violence)

On the original films: “The Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2, and Army of Darkness are some of my all time favorite films. Growing up, I couldn’t stop watching them. I even went and saw the musical a few years back and it was incredible! As far as musical inspiration goes, I would definitely say that the films have influenced my writing. I’ve spent many nights with classic horror movies on while writing my lyrics. We even named a track off our new record “Dead By Dawn”.” – Tyler Konersman

The first time I saw anything from the original trilogy was when I was 12 on TV. It was the scene in Army of Darkness where the Deadites attack the castle and I was instantly intrigued because of the humor and the use of stop motion animation. It wasn’t until a few years later that I saw the first two movies at my brother’s college. I had no idea movies could be so genuinely terrifying but funny at the same time. The original Evil Dead still scares me every time I watch it, especially the scene at the end when the corpses are melting and the demon hands are coming out of them and when Linda gets stabbed in the ankle always makes me cringe. There’s just something about the low budget horror movies of the 70s and 80s that is so much scarier than anything that’s produced today. And of course what can you say about Bruce Campbell that hasn’t already been said. He’s incredible and Ash is one of the best characters in movie history. The second movie is probably my favorite because it has just the right balance of horror and comedy but I love them all and I consider them one of the best, most enjoyable trilogies of all time.” – Isaac Etter

On songs inspired by the films: ““Dead By Dawn” is the first track off our upcoming album “Violence”. It’s mainly about my personal struggle with insomnia but I felt like the whole concept of possession and cabin fever were similar topics, and I could heavily relate to some of the characters from the original Evil Dead film. That and it was constantly on in the studio, something to sort of give the room some character while we were musically constructing our album.” – Tyler Konersman

As a band we kind of use the same mentality when writing songs that any good horror movie should have: never let up. Any good horror movie should hit you when you least expect it and keep the pace building from there and that’s what we always strive to achieve with our music. You can clearly see how Evil Dead has influenced us from our music video for “Infamous Last Words” as well.” – Isaac Etter

On the upcoming remake: “My original thoughts were “HELL NO! No way am I watching them ruin the original franchise” but then after seeing a few of the red band trailers they have turned me into a believer. I am BEYOND STOKED to be seeing the remake once it comes out. My only regret is TOTH didn’t get to contribute a song to the soundtrack!” – Tyler Konersman

I think like a lot of fans of the original movies I was skeptical to say the least of a remake. How can you remake a classic? How can it not have Bruce Campbell or Ash involved? It seemed like just another in the trend of remaking classic horror movies. But then that first red band trailer hit and holy shit, was I wrong. It looks fantastic in my opinion. The intensity is there. The gore is there. It even has the shots of the evil spirits chasing the girl through the forest. Now if it can just have a quick Bruce Campbell cameo then I think it would be perfect but that’s just wishful thinking. At any rate, I’m very much looking forward to seeing it.” – Isaac Etter

Jeremy Wagner of Broken Hope (Grotesque Blessings)

On the original films: “When Evil Dead came to video, I think I was around 13 or so, and I rented it. At the time, this flick turned out to be the scariest, most disturbing film I’d seen. Before this, The Exorcist and Halloween were the most frightening movies I had viewed. The whole plot of Evil Dead sucked me right in and compelled me to watch it over and over…Seeing those friends go to that cabin in the woods only to find supreme evil there was both riveting and scary as hell–no other movie before held such a vibe of dread. The whole back story that unfolds with the Book of the Dead–along with the taped translation of the book’s text–was both captivating and freaky. Once the tape gets played, the evil shit is unleashed, and then all hell breaks loose. Bruce Campbell was brilliant as Ash, and his whole experience with the possessed and his battle through the night made this film legendary. I can see why this movie would influence death metal bands.

On the upcoming remake: “I haven’t seen the remake yet, but I’ve watched all of the trailers and it looks sick as fuck–that’s a good thing. Moreover, I read somewhere that the remake is also done with ONLY traditional special FX and not CGI–this is also a good thing. Cheers to Evil Dead! It never gets old…

Eric Daniels of Grand Supreme Blood Court (Bow Down Before The Blood Court)

On the original trilogy: “I saw Evil Dead immediately when it was released in Europe. Inside the movie theatre, I went to see this movie together with my brother. We were and still are horror and thriller freaks.
I remember that half way through the movie, people in the theatre were saying, “Well is this all?” (when the “pause” sign turned on). But what we saw after the pause…It still is cult ‘til this day. Horror on the highest level…cult…made with the right intention.

On the upcoming remake: “I really hope that the remake has the right spirit and effect, like the original had. However, I’ve been saying to myself, “If the remake isn’t good, we always have the original,” and that gives comfort. Evil Dead is the master of masters in the horror scene…No doubt about this.

Mike Malyan of Monuments (Gnosis)

Evil Dead II is a damn sweet film! I only saw it once a while ago, but it was great! Hadn’t heard about an upcoming remake though, will have to check it out.

Jesper Anastasiadis of Turisas (Stand Up And Fight)

On the original trilogy: “The best thing for me in the Evil Dead series is the actor Bruce Campbell. His role as Ash is one of the most humorous and coolest characters ever. He delivers so many catchy one-liners, especially in The Army of Darkness, it’s insane. That movie is also the funniest of the three, and it easily rivals Evil Dead 2 for the best movie of the bunch. I think it’s one of the best comedy films ever made.

“Ash is just so arrogant and thinks that there is nothing that could stop him. And he’s so good with women too: “Give me some sugar, baby”. Another thing I like about these movies is the atmosphere and music. The original short film had wonderful and haunting piano music in it. And c’mon, a small cabin in the middle of the woods, that’s the best setting for a horror movie. And the twisted humour was also there in the first two movies. Sam Raimi’s directing is also just so out there and funny with the close-ups and comic book angles.

“One of the best moments in the series for me was when Ash first gets his arm replaced with a chainsaw, that’s just epic. Another one is when he realizes that the bridge is cut off and he has to return to the cabin. Also, the two different endings of Army of Darkness are just so imaginative and fun…Evil Dead is of course best enjoyed with friends with whom you can quote all the lines together. The Evil Dead series is something that you just have to see on a regular basis, it is so good.

On the upcoming remake: “I saw the trailer for the new movie, and I’ll of course have to see it. It’s hard to think of it as an Evil Dead movie without Bruce, but I read an interview where he reassured that fans of the movies will like it, so we’ll see!

Nick Holmes of Paradise Lost (Tragic Idol)

On the original films: “I first saw Evil Dead when I was about 11, a year after its initial release (I think it was banned not long after). Although clearly underage, I managed to persuade my mother to ring the guy in the video store and let me rent it out. I watched it with a mate from school, and we were both so scared that we dared not even pause for toilet breaks because it was too dark in hallway. It was the first real gore film that I ever saw, and as The Omen is one of the best in its class, I feel the same way about Evil Dead. Bruce Campbell’s presence is paramount in all of the films.

“Although pretty much a remake, the second movie probably had an even bigger impact and proves that horror and comedy can work, which is something that I would have dismissed up until that point.

On the upcoming remake: “Massively looking forward to the new film. The older crowd will compare it to the first film no matter what, and younger generations tend to be desensitized by gore, so I hope the movie isn’t “just” a bloodbath and has truly spine-chilling moments.

Chris Alfieri of Vattnet Viskar (Vattnet Viskar)

I discovered horror movies in my early teens. My friends and I would rent movies from the local video store on Friday nights. Friday the 13th, Halloween, and Nightmare on Elm St. to name a few, deeply assisted in the development of my love for horror movies, but no horror movie affected me or changed me like the first time I saw Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead.

The first time I saw Evil Dead was the first time I realized that horror had no limitation. Any sense of limitation to gore or violence in horror movies was immediately erased the minute I saw a tree violently rape a girl, or the first time I heard the voice of a deadite. Every minute of that movie was a new experience.

Looking back on Evil Dead now, I realize the reason I loved it so much went much deeper than an appreciation for the limitations of gore and violence. Evil Dead was the first horror movie I saw that was truly a perfectly executed vision. Raimi had very specific ideas and elements to how he wanted his blood fest to look like, feel like, and sound like. He took those elements, and drowned you in them with the pressure of a fire hydrant.

Few horror movies are game changers, but Evil Dead is one of the few. You know a Raimi movie when you see one, and it’s easy to point out through time the influence he has had on his predecessors (See High Tension, House of 1000 Corpses, or Slither). Without Evil Dead, the horror movie world would still be an insecure one, and I can’t thank that movie enough for that.

Mason Thomas Juve of Young Turks (Where I Lie)

On the original trilogy: “The first three movies breakdown like this for me. The o.g. Evil Dead stands completely alone, and as one of the first “horror” films I saw as I child, it continues to stand out among the other three. It seems that the intention of Sam Raimi in the first movie was to legitimately frighten and disturb the viewer. The only reason I feel that it became a cult sensation instead of a top billing horror film was due to budget constraints. But Raimi’s ability to see that as an opportunity instead of a failure result in two of the funniest dark comedies in film to date. The Evil Dead 2 is almost the perfect blend of scary and funny, I mean zombie puppet dance montage, c’mon, and you couldn’t ask for a funnier follow up than Army of Darkness! “You there handsomely now!” These three films are directly responsible for both my love of blood-and-guts slasher films, and psychological dark comedies!

On the upcoming remake: “So with that being said I can’t wait to see The Evil Dead re-make! The trailers I have seen are billing it as a legit “horror” re-make, and I can’t wait to see how truly scary the story can be with a big Hollywood budget behind it! So, all you “primitive screw heads” lets get “groovy”, put down your “boom-sticks”, “hail to the king”, “gimme some sugar baby”, and “dance with me lover”!!!

Andrew Johnson of Have Mercy (My Oldest Friend EP)

On the original trilogy: “I FUCKING LOVE The Evil Dead series. My dad showed me the second movie Dead by Dawn when I was like 8 or 9 and then I saw Army of Darkness after that on USA late one night not soon after. I had a speech class in college and one of my speeches was on why Evil Dead 2 is the perfect sequel.

The whole mythos behind the series involving the book of the dead and “satanic” imagery is one of the things that drew me in too. I’ve read every comic that’s come out (one of my favorites was Evil Dead vs Reanimator), played every video game, and I saw The Evil Dead Musical when I went to New York a couple of years ago (the only reason I went to NYC because I really don’t like that city.)

On the upcoming remake: “I love the idea of the remake from what I’ve heard/read/seen. The first trailer literally freaked me out when I first saw it. And then I read that Fede Alverez was doing 90% practical sfx vs CGI and I screamed in cheer in the middle of a crowded movie theatre. The only thing that could make this better is if they actually did the rumored Freddy vs Jason vs Ash.

Jeremy Brenton of Demon Lung (Pareidolia EP)

On the original trilogy: “Evil Dead has been a part of my life in some way since I was 9 years old. Like a lot of people, I found Evil Dead 2 before the original E.D. I picked up the box from the rental shelf and read “the goriest well-made movie ever” quoted beneath a picture of a dude being choked by a severed hand with bones sticking out of it. SOLD IMMEDIATELY. I quickly became obsessed with it and the original. When the DVDs started coming out, I had every edition. When action figures started being made, I neglected actual bills in order to buy them, etc. I’m comfortable admitting this to the good people here at Bloody-Disgusting because this all sounds normal to you.
Years later when I met my guitar player, one of the very first things he ever said to me was “You ever watch the fuckin’ EVIL DEAD movies, man?” Keep in mind that this was before watching Evil Dead movies made a person cool to the general public. A bond was formed immediately. So I guess you could say that our band would not exist without Evil Dead.

On the upcoming remake: “Because of all of this, I have steered clear of everything to do with the remake. I don’t want to know anything or hear anything about it until I can watch it, then judge for myself. I am hoping that it is good. I want it to be good. If it is not good, then that’s less dumb shit for me to buy.

Brendan Stephens of Perfect Future (Old Wounds: Warmth in the Winter of 1914​-​1915)

On the original trilogy: “I love the Evil Dead series, which is one of the only horror movie franchises that I enjoy. I was lured in with the absurdity of Army of Darkness and then watched the first two afterwards. The movies are great because they blend comedy, folk lore, and bone-chilling horror together in the best sort of cheesy way.

On the upcoming remake: “The new remake kind of has me worried. I’m excited for it because the Evil Dead movies haven’t let me down yet, but without Bruce Cambell as Ash… who knows…

Conan Gonzalez and Mario Moreno of Exmortus (Beyond The Fall Of Time)

BEWARE OF THE TREES! Haha. Seeing that movie as a young adolescent is pretty horrifying which made Evil Dead one of my favorite horror movies of all time. I particularly loved Cheryl’s character, all the craziest scenes revolved around her. I was pretty happy I didn’t live in the woods or had a cellar in my house to say the least.” – Mario Moreno

Back when we were kids, we just (strangely) loved that it scared the shit out of us and gave us nightmares. In general we love the atmosphere and the idea of demons being summoned by ancient and cryptic lore.” – Conan Gonzalez

On the upcoming remake: “We hope this remake recaptures or reinvents the atmosphere of the original.” – Conan Gonzalez

The trailer looked pretty gnarly but I don’t wanna hype it up for myself just yet. The original’s cheesy low budget feel is what kinda made it for me too so I’m not sure how I’m gonna feel about it with today’s movie magic so hopefully its not “HORRORble” HA!” – Mario Moreno

On the inspiration of Evil Dead on the band: “Funny enough we actually got our band name from The Evil Dead, The Necronomicon Ex-Mortis. We just made it one word and changed the “I” to a “U” so it was a huge influence on us as far as the band name goes.” – Mario Moreno

Lou Miceli of Palisades (I’m Not Dying Today EP)

On the original trilogy: “The Evil Dead trilogy was honestly one of my favorite cult horror movies, essentially because of how hilarious they were to me. My favorite is definitely Army Of Darkness.

On the upcoming remake: “I honestly think that I probably won’t enjoy the new remake as much as the originals. The first three were only good to me because of how hilariously bad they were. I think that is what made them so great to me.

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