Final Issue Review: 'Hack/Slash' #25 - Bloody Disgusting
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Final Issue Review: ‘Hack/Slash’ #25



There is no turning back now as Hack/Slash #25 hits its readers with this last issue. The slasher slayers make their last stand towards a somber and perfectly fitting conclusion. Longtime fans of the “Hack/Slash” series should be prepared for their favorite characters to meet some misery.

WRITTEN BY: Tim Seeley
ART BY: Elena Casagrande
PUBLISHER: Image Comics
PRICE: $3.99
RELEASE: March 27th, 2013

At a rock concert, a poisonous black liquid has been injected into a shipment of soda refreshments. After taking a sip of the poison, the concert-goers are suddenly turning into psychotic killers. With the clock ticking, Vlad and Cassie have to stop the Black Lamp Society from reaching their final goal. As the last song plays, innocent lives will be sacrificed and the entire world will be at its end. The slasher slayers are the only ones who can stop this terrible nightmare from coming true. Will Vlad and Cassie triumph in the end? Or, will they die a tragic hero’s death?

Because this is the last issue, writer Tim Seeley wants to do the best for his protagonists and give them an ending they deserve. I’m sure there are fans who will be upset, but Seeley has provided a great conclusion to the series. Cassie and Vlad are given a truly epic battle, where sacrifices are made at the last minute and characters reach the end of their arcs. Seeley throws his protagonists into deadly scenarios, which keep getting worse and worse, but never hints that they will walk away towards a happy ending.

One of my favorite characters in the series is Cat Curio, the intrepid detective. Seeley gives Cat the best lines as she faces the Murder Messiah at the rock concert. Used mostly as the comic relief, Cat is the last person you would think to turn things around. True to her character, Cat comes up with something incredibly smart, while delivering some witty one-liners.

Artist Elena Casagrande hooks readers with the best illustrations of Vlad and Cassie. In a tender moment between the two, Cassie and Vlad just look at each other. For this quiet scene, there is no dialogue between the characters, nor are there any thought captions. Readers just know what the two are thinking based on their facial expressions. Casagrande paints a lot of emotion into the close-ups before the panels break into a wide shot.

Casagrande escalates the gore and mayhem as Cassie takes down the psychotic killers roaming the concert. In a big panel, Cassie takes down a swarm of killers with her baseball bat. Full of rage, Cassie keeps fighting, even though her leg has just been stabbed. Nothing is going to stop Cassie as she slashes her way towards the Murder Messiah.

After so many bloody and twisted adventures, Cassie and Vlad reach their final destination in “Hack/Slash” #25. This is exactly the type of ending I wanted these characters to have. Having been a fan from the get go, I am definitely sad this series is ending, but the conclusion is very satisfying.

4/5 Skulls

Reviewed by – Jorge Solis


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