[Boredom Bytes] A 'Super Mario' And 'Ghostbusters' Mashup, Christopher Walken Plays 'BioShock Infinite' - Bloody Disgusting
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[Boredom Bytes] A ‘Super Mario’ And ‘Ghostbusters’ Mashup, Christopher Walken Plays ‘BioShock Infinite’



Since last week was mildly depressing, today we’re going to focus on the funny. After the break I have a lovely mashup video that brings together Super Mario and Ghostbusters — I can’t believe that hasn’t been done already — a Christopher Walkenthrough of BioShock Infinite, and a super secret video. Shhh, don’t tell anyone.

First up, Super Mario Busters 2. That Ghosbusters film may never happen, but I feel like this is a compromise we can all be happy with.

Okay, no, this obviously isn’t the real Christopher Walken. I’m sure he’s never heard of BioShock, because he’s far too busy being awesome. Have you seen Seven Psychopaths? That scene where he flies out of the coffin, a pistol in each hand, and pops a cap in two unsuspecting goons is something I’ve watched eighty times. No exaggeration. Eighty. Times.

It’s super secret video time! Okay, I’m a Game of Thrones nerd. I obsess over that show, and since the third season kicked off recently, let’s have a musical celebration (BYOB, obviously).

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