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Capcom Cancels Multiple Games, Shifts Focus To In-House Development



Lately, Capcom has been outsourcing the development of many of their games to third parties. Slant Six did Operation Raccoon City, Ninja Theory had DmC: Devil May Cry, Lost Planet 3 is coming from Spark Unlimited, etc. Unfortunately, Capcom isn’t very happy with how these games have been performing. The company confirmed a “special loss” of ¥7.2 bn ($73.3 MM) after cancelling multiple titles that were in development at third party studios. They’re blaming the significant loss on “excessive outsourcing” of low quality games, slow digital expansion, and poor marketing.

Devil May Cry and Resident Evil 6 fell way short of expectations; DmC sold 1.1 million units of Capcom’s 2 million target, and RE6 performed even worse (relative to expectations), after selling over 2 million less copies than what they expected. Ouch.

The solution? Capcom wants to shift their focus to develop new installments in more of their franchises in-house. On the positive side, this means we’ll see more Capcom-developed Resident Evil games. Resident Evil 6 notwithstanding, those tend to be of a higher quality. On the less positive side, we probably won’t be seeing another Devil May Cry game from Ninja Theory.

That’s too bad, because my time with DmC was the most fun I’ve had with the series so far.

On top of relying less on other studios, Capcom is going to boost their digital strategies — maybe we’ll see a Outbreak game on XBLA after all — and “enhance co-ordination between marketing and development divisions.” Basically, that translates to “work on our poor marketing.”

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