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6 Upcoming Horror Games That Look Absolutely Terrifying



I don’t know if you’ve noticed this already, but this is an incredibly exciting time to be a horror fan. There are more new horror releases now than there’s ever been. We’ve seen multiple entries in franchises like Resident Evil and Silent Hill, as well as a slew of quality indie horror games from devs like Frictional Games (Amnesia), Blue Isle (Slender: The Arrival), and Red Barrels (Outlast), among others. Perhaps what’s most exciting about this recent surge of popularity the genre’s seeing are the hints at where it’s headed next.

Between games like the six I have waiting for you after the break, it looks like survival horror is coming back, and this time it’s returning in a far more terrifying form.

The following upcoming horror games aren’t afraid to be different, to try something new, and they’re all worth looking forward to.

The Walking Dead: Season Two

I suppose the long awaited second season of Telltale’s The Walking Dead is only terrifying if you’re afraid of the feels, but being a robot, I very much am. The first season was a hear-wrenching tale that had me reaching for the Kleenexes on more than one occasion, but it also managed to be terrifying because, unlike most horror games, these are characters we actually care about. They feel, sound, act and react like real people, and it doesn’t hurt that the writing is also top notch. The first episode is out now — check out our (spoiler free) review of it below — and I’m being totally honest when I say I am absolutely nervous for the remaining episodes of this new seasons.

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