[C2E2 '13] Exclusive 'Suspiria' Variant Cover For '12 Reasons To Die' - Bloody Disgusting
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[C2E2 ’13] Exclusive ‘Suspiria’ Variant Cover For ’12 Reasons To Die’



Black Mask studios is hitting up Chi-city this weekend to promote a bunch of new books including Ghostface Killah’s “12 Reasons To Die”. As a special exclusive cover for C2E2 Shaky Kane has drawn up a Suspiria-inspired cover for issue #1. The series is a tribute to Giallo flicks and it tells a tale of “gangsters, betrayal, and one vengeful soul hunting the 12 most powerful crime lords in the world”. See all of Black Masks C2E2 plans below.

Official Press Release:

Black Mask Studios is heading to Chicago for the C2E2 Comics & Entertainment Expo with a limited-edition, signed & numbered run of Ghostface Killah’s 12 REASONS TO DIE comic featuring an exclusive cover by Shaky Kane. 12 REASONS TO DIE is inspired by old-school Italian horror films, and Kane’s homage here should be easily recognizable to horror fans.

Here’s some of what Black Mask has planned for C2E2:

– Ghostface Killah and Adrian Younge will be performing the 12 REASONS TO DIE stage show at The Abbey Pub in Chicago on Friday April 26th, the first night of C2E2.

– 12 REASONS TO DIE writer Matthew Rosenberg will be in Artist’s Alley signing the C2E2 exclusive edition of 12R2D at Table T11.

– LIBERATOR creator Matt Miner will be in Artist’s Alley signing copies of Liberator #0 at Table T10.

– BMS’ legendary co-founder Steve Niles will be at C2E2 spreading the word about the slate and also representing for his LUST project with our friends Ben Templesmith, Menton3, and 44FLOOD.

– BMS co-founder Matt Pizzolo will be there as well, returning for the first time since his illustrated-film GODKILLER premiered at C2E2’s inaugural event in 2010.

– Pizzolo & Rosenberg were just added to the “Comics & Pop Music” panel Saturday at 3:15pm in Room W475b.

– More TBA!