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[BEST & WORST ’13] Jorge Solis’ List Of The Best Comics Mini-Series Of 2013!



During 2013, readers got a chance to welcome some new additions to their buy list, while saying farewell to a couple of their personal favorites. The DC timeline jumped backwards, sending Batman back to “Year Zero,” while Marvel unleashed Galactus on the Ultimate Universe. When readers went outside the Big Two, there were creators experimenting with their artwork at IDW and Image. Even an iconic actor, known for his memorable movie roles, jumped into comics writing at Dark Horse. By the end of the year, a critically acclaimed horror series finally closed its last chapter.

Usually twelve issues are reserved for mainstream crossovers, like “Battle of the Atom” and “Forever Evil,” but I was totally surprised to see at least three original titles taking that much time and dedication to tell one ambitious and serialized narrative. Here is my Top 10 List for Best Horror Miniseries of 2013.

Lonmonster (Best) | Jimbus_Christ (Best) | Jorge Solis (Best) | Shadow Jayd (Best Covers) | GreenBasterd (Best) | Brady (Best OGNs/Ongoings) | Bree Ogden (Best Kills)

10. The X-Files: Season 10, Vol.1 (IDW Publishing)

As a fan of the TV series, there is no way I could not put this title on my list. In tone to creator Chris Carter’s vision, writer Joe Harris brings in the witty banter between Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. Artist Michael Walsh recreates the show’s growing mystery surrounding the alien conspiracy.

9. Witch Doctor: Mal Practice (Image Comics)

Dr. Vincent Morrow returns but this time, he is his own patient in need of medical assistance. More serialized than stand-alone, writer Brandon Seifert throws in the laugh-out-loud one-liners as much as the scares. Artist Lukas Ketner runs wild with the action sequences as Dr. Morrow and Eric Gast fight their way to save Penny.

8. The Wake (Vertigo Comics)

Writer Scott Snyder and artist Sean Murphy have created a suspenseful thriller set under the dark ocean floor. With nowhere to go, a group of scientists are trapped inside an underground facility with an ancient predator. No one can hear them scream as the huge waves come crashing down.

7. 12 Reasons To Die (Black Mask Studios)

With Ghostface Killah at the helm, writers Patrick Kindlon and Matthew Rosenberg tell what are seemingly two separate tales of supernatural revenge and greed. With a collection of talented artists, from Breno Tamura to Gus Storms, the crime underworld is portrayed with masked killers and trigger-happy gangsters. Underneath the seedy backdrop of femme fatales, glitzy nightclubs, and mob rivalry, there is an unflinching commentary about racism and social ethics.

6. Kill Shakespeare: The Tide of Blood (IDW Publishing)

Writers Anthony Del Col and Conor McCreery re-imagine the settings and characters of Shakespeare’s works. Staying far away from iambic pentameter, you don’t need Cliff Notes to understand what Romeo and Juliet are saying to each other. Artist Andy Belanger builds Prospero’s Island with never-ending caves, a creepy forest, and monstrous creatures.

5. Dia De Los Muertos (Image Comics)

With a slew of top-notch writers – Ed Brisson, Dirk Manning, Alex Link, and Kurtis J. Wiebe – readers are given quick-paced short stories that pack an emotional wallop. With the fantastic artwork by Riley Rossmo, who is at the top of his game, the decorative spirit of Day of the Dead is celebrated in style within these pages. I swear your eyes will be glued to every panel.

4. Killogy (IDW Publishing)

Using the likeness of Brea Grant, Frank Vincent, and Marky Ramone, writer/artist Alan Robert lets loose on the tough-guy dialogue with his three hard-broiled anti-heroes. With an art style all his own, Robert is heavy on the shadows and rich with primary colors. With such striking illustrations and pulpy dialogue, there is no way your eyes can look away from this.

3. To Hell You Ride (Dark Horse Comics)

Writers Lance Henriksen and Joseph Maddrey have come up with an unforgettable tale about past mistakes and redemption. Combining the horror and western genres, artist Tom Mandrake also brings to life the surreal mysticism of the Native American culture. Let’s hope this isn’t the last time Henriksen comes up with a comic book.

2. Locke & Key: Alpha (IDW Publishing)

Writer Joe Hill and artist Gabriel Rodriguez have put together the perfect ending to the “Locke & Key” series. The creators have given their characters a chance to shine in these last issues. I’m sad to see this series go but the conclusion is definitely worthwhile.

1. Next Testament (Boom! Studios)

In just half of their 12-issue installments, writers Clive Barker and Mark Miller have crafted a remarkable horror tale with a wicked sense of humor. The quirky couple, Tristan and Elspeth, have to face an evil of biblical proportions. Artist Haemi Jang delivers the gore as the all-powerful Wick singlehandedly slaughters every guest at the dinner party.

Honorable Mentions:
“Mind MGMT Vol.2: The Futurist,” “The Extinction Parade,” and “Hellraiser: The Road Below”

By Jorge Solis