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[Exclusive] Attila’s Kalan Blehm Top 10 Horror Movies



Party metal band Attila are huge fans of horror. And does that really surprise anyone? After all, what genre of movie is better for a party, right? You crack open some beers, you lay out a few pizzas, you pop on Evil Dead and, before you know it, everyone’s having a great time.

That’s why bassist Kalan Blehm wanted to share some of his favorite horror movies with Bloody-Disgusting. If you head on below, you’ll see which films made his Top 10, including some classics as well as some fan favorites!

Attila will be releasing their new album About That Life on June 25th via Artery Recordings. Pre-orders are available here. Also below is a studio report video courtesy of Loudwire.

1. Hostel – Melted eyeballs, hot half naked Euro girls, creepy foreign dudes torturing helpless Americans, cut achilles tendons. The list can go on, not to mention there is an actual hostel in Bratislava that is themed after this movie which makes it creepier.

2. Cabin Fever – This movie made shaving terrifying. I can’t handle the part when Marcy is in the tub shaving her legs and all her skin starts peeling back. To top it off that weird mullet troll doing karate flips is really stoney.

3. Trick R Treat – The halloween school bus massacre has to be my favorite story. The whole scenario is just fucked up in general and the masks that the kids wear are rad. Especially the vampire with the overbite.

4. Halloween (2007) – The bully revenge scene is tight, the cop’s daughter is hot, the foul language rules in this movie, there’s some good boobs here and there and Laurie blasting Mike Meyers in the face over and over is a good finish.

5. Day of the Dead (1985) – The scene at the end where the zombies over run the bunker and they pull apart the shitty guy of the group. The movie make up in the movies does it for me.

6. Scream – Tatum getting crushed in the garage door is pretty gnarly for starters. I also like how everyone in the group starts getting picked off one by one at the end. Scream had some sick twists and killer cast. Linda Blair is in it c’mon.

7. The Devils Rejects – “Boy, the next word that comes out of your mouth better be some brilliant fuckin’ Mark Twain shit. Cause it’s definitely getting chiseled on your tombstone!!!” Otis Driftwood is the man in this one. Plus this movies sound track rules hard.

8. Exorcist – Although it’s not in the original cut, one of the the scariest movie scenes to this day has to be when Reagan walks upside down/ backwards down the stairs, then hisses some awful noise at her mother. Also the scene at the end where Father Merrin eats shit out the window and flies down that huge flight of steps is priceless.

9. Sinister – Something about a child being possessed creeps me the fuck out. The opening scene is pretty gnarly and the family strapped to pool chairs and shoved in the pool by their sun is gnarly.

10. Dead Alive – The rat monkey!!!

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