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[Exclusive] Excerpt: ‘Ecko Rising’



Ecko Rising by Danie Ware is a genre-bending fantasy–sci-fi epic following a savage, cynical anti-hero. After awakening in a dimension-jumping inn to find himself immersed in his own sardonic fantasy world, Ecko strives to conquer his deepest fears and save the world from extinction. Financial Times described the book as “The Matrix meets Game of Thrones” and if that doesn’t sound epic, I don’t know what does. The book is set for release tomorrow, June 11th, from Titan Books.

“Ecko is an unlikely saviour: a savage, gleefully cynical rebel/assassin, he operates out of hi-tech London, making his own rules in a repressed and subdued society. When the biggest job of his life goes horribly wrong, Ecko awakes in a world he doesn’t recognize: a world without tech, weapons, cams, cables—anything that makes sense to him. Can this be his own creation, a virtual Rorschach designed just for him, or is it something much more? Ecko finds himself immersed in a world just as troubled as his own, striving to conquer his deepest fears and save it from extinction. If Ecko can win through, then he might just learn to care—or break the program and get home.”


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