[BD Review] Brad Says 'Hatchet III' Is Fun But The Formula Is Getting Stale - Bloody Disgusting
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[BD Review] Brad Says ‘Hatchet III’ Is Fun But The Formula Is Getting Stale



Hatchet 3 Hatchet III

In limited theaters and VOD tomorrow (June 14th) from MPI/Dark Sky Films is director BJ McDonnell’s Hatchet III. Mr. Disgusting and I hit up the premiere earlier this week and he left fairly mixed on the film. I have to say I pretty much agree with this review, the movie was a lot of fun in spots but had some problematic character and narrative elements.

I think McDonnell did an absolutely incredible job with what he was given and at the very least delivers some gore and thrills that hardcore horror fans are going to eat up. I had a pretty good time, even though I couldn’t shake the feeling I was watching a 10-year-old’s vision of ‘Friday the 13th.’

Read the full review here and be sure to write your own once it’s out!