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Ten Minutes Of Glorious Thievery From New ‘Thief’ Reboot



Of the many games that were shown off at E3 last week, for me, Thief is one of the more exciting ones. It just looks so damn good. I’m not even terribly good at — read: really, really bad — or a huge fan of the stealth genre, though games like Dishonored and Splinter Cell are slowly changing that.

Thief looks gorgeous, and I’ve enjoyed some of the supernatural horror elements in previous games (the Shalebridge Cradle from Deadly Shadows was intense). I think they may have replaced most, if not all, of that with gritty realism in this next installment, but even still, it looks fantastic. At E3, Square Enix showed off ten wonderful minutes from the the upcoming game, which you can enjoy after the break.

Skip to 2:45 for the gameplay footage.

Thief launches on the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in 2014.

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