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6 MORE Upcoming Horror Games That Look Terrifying!



Back in April, we looked at six upcoming horror games that look absolutely terrifying. That was only the half of it, literally, as I have another six games that promise to be equally as — or possibly more — terrifying than that first batch. If you need a few games to look forward to over the coming months, I suggest you read on.

Dying Light

The next game from the makers of Dead Island is a similarly themed zombie game called Dying Light. Outside of its debut CG trailer and a couple batches of screenshots, we haven’t really seen much from this next-gen horror game. Even still, the concept alone offers enough to get excited over.

If you’re not sold on it, Dying Light is essentially Dead Island, with all its co-op zombie bashing and weapon crafting goodness, mixed with the parkour of Mirror’s Edge.

Among the Sleep

I’ve actually played Among the Sleep already — you can too by downloading its demo (link in the below video’s description) — so I can attest to its scare factor.

It follows a toddler who’s alone in a house at night. Everything is experienced from the perspective of this little boy, and this dramatically alters the world you explore, turning a simple home into a nightmarish cavern. It’s a terrifying game, and one I’m very much looking forward to sinking my teeth into when it releases later this year.

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