[Remember This?] 'Gremlins' Inspired 'Hobgoblins' Trailer Is Out Of Its Mind!!! - Bloody Disgusting
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[Remember This?] ‘Gremlins’ Inspired ‘Hobgoblins’ Trailer Is Out Of Its Mind!!!



If I admit to something will you guys still like me? Hobgoblins totally passed me by. I’ve never seen it and I hadn’t even seen the trailer until I came across it earlier today. It actually looks like something I’d watch though. IMDBPro lists the budget of director Rich Sloane’s independently produced feature as $15K. I’m not sure how that was possible in the 1980’s on 35MM film, so maybe that’s an erroneous number. If it’s true? Right on, man.

I think my favorite line in the whole thing is, “and also they kill you.” I’m not sure if it’s intentionally hilarious or just hilariously inept, but I think my next move is to hunt this baby down on Netflix. If it’s not there, I’ll wait. Turns out I’ve been waiting for 25 years. If you can manage to make Critters and Ghoulies look like Oscar contenders, bravo!

Check it out below!