[Remember This?] Siskel & Ebert Defend 'Halloween'! - Bloody Disgusting
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[Remember This?] Siskel & Ebert Defend ‘Halloween’!



I had actually never seen this clip before today, which provides an added dimension to the “remember this” tag since I’m literally asking you if you remember something this time. Because I don’t. In this instance, Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert discuss Halloween a few years after the film’s release within the larger context of other slashers. While I truly love and value what these two men did for cinema and the conversation around it, I didn’t always agree with them (a notion you can take up a few notches when it comes to horror).

And there are elements to their argument here that I don’t agree with, primarily their fundamental dislike of the slasher subgenre, which happens to be my absolute favorite kind of horror film. Still, the rest of what they discuss here is quite compelling. Their overall sentiments about Halloween aren’t exactly new, but the way they discuss it in terms of its cinematic language is inspiring (and increasingly rare as the current debate about critics not being able to discuss form indicates). It’s a quick four minutes, but you might come away with an added appreciation for a film you already love.

Think about the TV critics and personalities we have today. Do they even have the ability to discuss film in this manner?