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This ‘Fallout’ Inspired Fan Film Is Fantastic



There are fan films, and then there are fan films. This is the latter.

Crafted by Wayside Creations, the same team that brought us the Nuka Break web series a couple years back, Fallout Nuka Break: Red Star is a short film that will really make you want to play some Fallout. Part of why it’s so good — other than the solid acting, cinematography and writing — is the film benefited from creative input from several developers behind the Fallout games.

If you have 25 minutes to spare, you can watch it after the break.

As the Ranger makes his way through the wasteland, his purposefully solitary life is interrupted when he is faced with an important choice: remain safely anonymous or become known as a hero? Set between the time periods of the original fan film and season one of Fallout: Nuka Break, Red Star is a dark look into the makings of a legend.

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