[Comic-Con '13] Pyramid Head Has A New Friend In This Comic-Con Exclusive Figure - Bloody Disgusting
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[Comic-Con ’13] Pyramid Head Has A New Friend In This Comic-Con Exclusive Figure



Looking at this Comic-Con exclusive Pyramid Head figure, I’m pretty sure this situation isn’t going to end well for the mannequin. I’ve played Silent Hill 2, so I’m already all-too-familiar with what the big guy does with helpless mannequins.

Today, Konami revealed two variants of Gecco and ToyMunkey’s line of figures inspired by the Silent Hill franchise. I’m loving both, though for me the Pyramid Head figure wins it, mostly because of the memories it brings up. As a gamer, the scene in Silent Hill 2 where Pyramid Head does the unspeakable with a mannequin creature stands out as one of the most memorable, and disturbing, things I’ve ever seen in a video game, horror or otherwise.

If you’re interested in grabbing one of these for yourself — feel free to get me one too, while you’re at it — both figures will be available at Konami’s booth (#3713).

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