Review: 'X Files Season 10' # 2 - Bloody Disgusting
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Review: ‘X Files Season 10’ # 2



“The X-Files” is back and the tremendous sense of familiarity that comes with it is welcomed. This comic feels like a well-oiled machine. Everything begins with a (literal) bang and doesn’t concern itself with the threads left over from last month. Instead we’re treated to the reintroduction of a familiar face, only to have it ripped from us within a page and a half. Joe Harris creates a compelling new adventure that feels like one of the best episodes of the series.

WRITTEN BY: Joe Harris
ART BY: Michael Walsh
PRICE: $3.99
RELEASE: July 17, 2013

Joe Harris has structured a script that reads much like an episode of the show. There is a clear teaser that throws the reader into the story. Only to throw us back to Mulder doing his thing.

He pieces together the scene from last month. In the classic dynamic we’re all used to. Harris understands Mulder completely. David Duchovny jumps off the page. The energy pours out from the script and the dialogue is top notch.

The story juggles plots with fantastic pacing. Harris is able to slide between Scully and Mulder without distracting the reader. In fact intercutting between the stories creates a real sense of urgency. Mulder’s story should dwarf Scully’s moments in peril, but both manage to captivate.

Harris revives The Lone Gunmen with a simple and easy to buy explanation. The story feels believable and lends itself to the context of the times. It was a gamble to revive characters that died on screen during the series but it paid off. Instead of seeming hokey and stupid the reintroduction is thought provoking and intelligent.

Micheal Walsh’s art evokes the feeling of David Aja’s work in “Hawkeye”. To fantastic result, his work this month issue is outstanding. The panels with Mulder leading Skinner around on the trail of Scully’s abduction are a real highlight.

Scully’s confrontation with her abductors is excellently crafted. Walsh’s work has a certain sense of dynamism. The action pops and flows with as Scully dodges and stabs. Not once was I thrown out of the action, and honestly couldn’t put the issue down.

Harris has not just created a good “X-Files” story. He has sowed the threads of a great one. The stakes are high, the action is intense, and the mystery is slowly being revealed. This is one of the most refreshing books on the stands right now. It mimics the show with incredible accuracy and truly feels like the rebirth of the property.

Season 10 of “The X-Files” is off to a thrilling start. One I wasn’t sure it was capable of. Harris has created a story that uses the comic book medium to full effect. This book reasserts “The X-Files” into sci-fi dominance.

The X-Files is back and I want to believe its better than ever.

4/5 Skulls

Reviewed by – Jimbus_Christ


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