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‘Middle Of Nowhere’ Sounds A Lot Like ‘Silent Hill’



Indie developer VisionArts new horror game, Middle of Nowhere, doesn’t sound all that new. From the (admittedly fantastic) music and atmosphere down to the story, which pits you in the troubled shoes of a father, Isaac, who’s searching for his missing daughter, Emily — everything seems to have been crafted to evoke Konami’s longstanding survival horror franchise, Silent Hill.

It just so happens that Emily has been having premonitions of a mysterious place she calls Nowhere. Isaac attempts to locate “Nowhere” and ends up crashing his car on the way there, only to wake up and discover he’s currently trapped in Nowhere, which also happens to be infested with nightmarish creatures. Any of this sound familiar?

Okay, homage might be too subtle. This is very much Silent Hill. Trailer after the jump.

Does the trailer’s music sounds a little bit like this Silent Hill track to anyone else?

Now, its remarkable similarities to the Silent Hill series aren’t necessarily a bad thing. Just as DreadOut evokes the Fatal Frame series, Middle of Nowhere gives us a few slightly less subtle nods to another horror franchise. I only wish the story bits weren’t so… familiar.

There’s room for more than one Silent Hill-esque game. I imagine there are fans out there who would welcome another developer taking a stab at this series, looking at the reception Konami’s series has received after the third game.

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