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6 FREE Indie Horror Games You Need To Play!



7 Days

I enjoyed 7Days, but you’ll soon realize that my partners in crime didn’t feel the same way. Granted, I made the brilliant decision to go right on ahead and barrel through the entire game in one sitting (roughly an hour, recorded at 3am) with them watching me play, but still, the “Minecraft with an added dose of psychological horror” premise was one I found engaging the whole way through.

I played this one from start to finish, but I couldn’t for the life of me tell you what it was about. It’s a trippy little game that’s more than a little difficult to follow. All I really remember was there were a lot of keys and lots of notes. If that — and a slow burn, because it fails to get truly interesting until about halfway through — doesn’t bother you, this is definitely one that’s worth checking out.

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Haunted Memories (formerly Haunt)

I love what Haunted Memories did to Slender Man. Gone is the lanky stick figure of a man seen in The Eight Pages and The Arrival. That dapper man has been replaced by an infinitely more terrifying Slender Man, complete with ethereal aura and ghostly black tendrils. Also, he can totally fly now.

Unfortunately, the actual gameplay revolves around you running about a massive open environment collecting pages. That… isn’t terribly original. Even still, it’s a gorgeous game with an environment that’s significantly more interesting and varied than what we saw in The Eight Pages.

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