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Creature Feature ‘Welcome To Willits’ Attacks Pot Farmer



Mark Webber (pictured; Bomb the System, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World) is set to star in and exec produce indie horror/sci-fi pic Welcome To Willits, which Metamorphic Films and Real Horror Show Pictures have slated for an October production start, Deadline reports.

Webber plays pot farmer Brock, who along with some unlucky campers runs into mysterious creatures in the Northern California woods that are responsible for several abductions and attacks.

The project is described as capturing a throwback feel with a dash of comedy mixed in with the horror.

Willits will film in LA and Kern County’s Sequoia National Forest under helmers Trevor and Tim Ryan, AKA the Ryan Brothers, who wrote and will direct the pic together.

The team has tapped Monster FX’s Ron Karkosa and Mark Villalobos to handle creature design and special FX.

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