[TV] Lange An "American Horror Story: Coven" Witch, Bates A Serial Killer!!! - Bloody Disgusting
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[TV] Lange An “American Horror Story: Coven” Witch, Bates A Serial Killer!!!



Out of the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour, The Hollywood Reporter scored some major inside info into American Horror Story: Coven,” FX’s third season of their television anthology “American Horror Story.”

While we already know that this season is about a coven of witches, it’s never been revealed who returning cast members would be playing. THR has the skinny on “Coven,” returning to FX this October.

Jessica Lange, below, plays a witch named Fiona. “Some of us play witches, some of us play historical characters,” she told the assembled press. “I do play a witch. We move back and forth in time,” she adds.

The elusive Kathy Bates, pictured above in Misery, will be playing a historical personage Madame LaLurie, a Louisiana-born socialite and serial killer who kept slaves bound in her home.

Angela Bassett also portrays a real person: Marie Laveau, a voodoo expert who, along with her daughter, had a big multiracial following. The actress noted that she’s been approached by several individuals interested in voodoo in New Orleans for consultation should she need it.

The there’s Sarah Paulson, who plays Cordelia, the daughter to Jessica Lange’s Fiona.

“Coven”, premiering this October, also will feature Salem witches fleeing to the South, Minear said, noting there are two kinds of witches in the world, while also adding that they’re focusing on making this season more “fun.”

As fun as they want it to be, Bates is going ensure a darker side stays intact…