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‘Dark Summoner’ Gets Exclusive Monsters Designed By H.R. Giger



I’ve never played a card battle video game, but I hear they’re a good time. Starting this weekend, the wildly popular mobile game Dark Summoner will be getting three exclusive creatures — which you can see after the jump — designed by renowned Oscar-winning artist H.R. Giger. If you’re unfamiliar with the game, in it you assemble and command your very own army of monsters which you can use to take on bosses or other players. It’s like Pokemon, if Pikachu wanted to devour your soul.

If you play Dark Summoner this weekend there’s a chance you’ll be able to acquire one or more of Giger’s creatures. Once they’ve been added to your army you can summon them and destroy all who oppose you. Pictures after the jump.

If you’re interested in getting your card dueling on, you can grab Dark Summoner for free on iTunes or Google Play.

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