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[Remember This?] What The Hell Did You Think Of ‘Seed Of Chucky’ When It Came Out?!



I’m pretty sure I saw Seed Of Chucky on DVD at a friend’s house in Texas back in 2005. I’ve had the movie pegged in my mental catalogue of “seen it” for all these years. So it was a shock to revisit the film recently only to find that it felt like a totally new movie to me. I definitely remembered the opening sequence and the scene where Redman eats dinner with Jennifer Tilly (only to be steamingly disemboweled) had definitely flashed before my eyes on at least one prior occasion… but I drew a blank on the rest of it.

All this is a long way of saying that a few days ago I sat down with Seed Of Chucky only to think… ‘what the f*ck?” It’s funny because Seed – for almost 10 years now – has been held up as a bit of a red-headed stepchild (no pun intended) in the Child’s Play canon. During a recent rewatch of Bride Of Chucky, which I enjoyed, I thought to myself, “hey, this is pretty good. I’ll bet ‘Seed’ is about the same. All the haters just wanna gripe.” Nope. I was wrong. Seed is a completely different animal than Bride despite being an almost direct sequel to that film.

Where Bride added a fresh and funny-ish twist to the standard Child’s Play formula, Seed makes that twist the baseline for its universe – then adds another element of weird on top of it. I can totally get why it’s too much for some people, it’s not really a Child’s Play movie. And it’s not really all that good, either.

That’s not to say that I disliked the film necessarily, I think it’s an admirable failure. In fact, it manages to bravely dive headfirst into the abyss of double-failure by combining two sub-genres notorious for tanking: the horror-comedy and the showbiz comedy. That takes balls. It also reminds me of an era (I hate that 9 years ago is an “era”) where studios were a little more freewheeling with their signature properties. Billy Boyd’s Glen (aka Glenda aka Sh*thead) is a marvel of off-puttingness. At turns innocent and wildly homicidal, it’s hard to get a bearing on him and his doll seems like it was designed in the deepest basin of uncanny valley. But you still kind of root for him – especially when he turns into the cacklingly maniacal Glenda during the film’s climax. I’d argue that the film is worth watching purely for “WTF” moments like this.

But there’s also more than a few legitimate strikes against it. Every single “Hollywood” joke falls on its face, having been done before (and better) by many. The “Jennifer Tilly is a slut” gag is tiresome and oddly lazy for a movie that is otherwise so gleefully irreverent. Still, the overall batsh*t enthusiasm of the film keeps me going even if Seed is a failure when measured up against its own intentions.

What about you? What did you think the first time you saw Seed Of Chucky? And did any of you guys see it in a theater? If so, how did the audience react?