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Riley Rossmo Gets Really, Really Bizarre In ‘Drumhellar’



We’ve been eagerly anticipating a new book from Riley Rossmo since his departure from “Bedlam” a few months back, and today Rossmo finally announced his next work will be “Drumhellar”. The book sounds all kinds of crazy, and it’s exactly the kind of story suited to Rossmo’s style. The artist tells USA Today that he spent a week in the rural town of Drumhellar to find inspiration for his new horror story.

During his week’s stay, Rossmo collected reference imagery, interviewed locals and sketched concept art. The result is the story of Drum, who is “drawn into a series of bizarre happenings in and around local, rural communities, which range from the paranormal to the existential to the criminal. Drum is easygoing especially in light of the phenomena he experiences.”

Head below for some more details and the cover art. Look for “Drumhellar” #1 in shops on November 6th, 2013.

According to USA Today, “Drum who travels throughout America visiting small towns with the spirit of a grad student named Harold in a ghost cat, solves the various problems that follow him, ends up in South Dakota and in the first arc comes in contact with dinosaur ghosts, his ex-girlfriend, their mutual ex who happens to be a werewolf, spooky and stretchy bog people, psychedelics, diners and peacocks.”

Rossmo explains his reasons for venturing to rural Canada for the story, “I feel like there is something special about rural communities. Out of necessity these communities are tightly knit. It also seems that there is a greater sense of community pride. Whether it’s a small farming community or an artisan community, there’s just something different about the rate life transpires at.”

He continues, “In Saskatchewan, a lot of towns take pride in “world’s largest” things — moose, pierogi, truck, hockey stick. It’s strange for a town to take pride in a giant concrete hockey stick, but neat. As well in Drumhellar, I wanted to capture the space and openness of the prairies. There’s something magical about all that open sky.”

Drumhellar Exclusive First Look


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