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The 6 Chucky Movies Ranked From Worst To Best!!!



Last week Universal Home Entertainment unleashed the excellent Curse of Chucky, directed by series creator Don Mancini, on Blu-ray and DVD! The film is also included on Universal’s Chucky: The Complete Collection which collects ALL of the Chucky movies on Blu-ray. To celebrate I underwent a marathon screening of all the sequels in the franchise.

This, plus the fact that I watched the original Child’s Play again last month, puts me in a prime position to rank the films in order of my personal preference. So I figured I’d do so while they were still hot on my mind.

Head below for the 6 Chucky Movies Ranked From Worst To Best!!!


It was surprising for me to learn that I didn’t outright dislike any of the movies, even though I could have resented them after 8 hours straight of viewing them. Child’s Play 3 is a decent film, just a little rushed. I love the idea of Chucky loading real bullets into the military school rifles before the war games. And Perry Reeves makes a strong debut as De Silva. One of the issues could be that the formula just wasn’t as fresh and some of the ideas are half baked (this installment hit theaters a mere 9 months after Child’s Play 2 was released). But the main problem with the film is that Tyler (pictured above) is without a doubt the dumbest and most irritating character in the Chucky-verse.


I know a lot of you guys hate this one, but I sort of dig its batsh*t crazy shenanigans. Billy Boyd (helped immensely by his accompanying puppet) is strangely compelling as Sh*tface/Glen/Glenda. That being said, the inside Hollywood jokes don’t really play and the narrative is somewhat lurching – which kind of diminishes the film’s replay value.


Fifteen years (Jesus) after its release, Bride Of Chucky remains a funny and highly entertaining installment in the franchise. It’s a film that is everything it set out to be, so it’s definitely a success on its own terms. And I totally get why its some people’s favorite. The fact that I’m ranking it in 4th place can be chalked up to the fact that I’m just not always in the mood for its jokey tone.


This brand new “tonal reboot” has a lot going for it. It’s incredibly suspenseful (the chili scene) at times and it keeps even the most die-hard fans on their toes when it comes to anticipating how all of this ties into the narrative flow of the preceding 5 films. Fiona Dourif is great and Don Mancini’s direction is patient and assured. The limited location and deliberate pace might diminish replay value, but it’s a very satisfying entry and I can’t wait to see where the story goes from here.


I can already here you yelling at me. Look, I love this movie. It has so much going for it. But, as I stated in this controversial article, “[it has] the suspense, intensity and wit we associate with Chucky’s best moments, but the surrounding elements still aren’t fully nudged into the Chucky-verse. I’d argue that the series had yet to find its true identity and that ‘Child’s Play’ is peppered with slight tonal miscalculations that keep it from really coming into its own.


This thing just speeds along at such a great pace. The outshines the first film in that regard as well as in terms of tone. Again, I fully understand and respect why 99% of you like the first film more – I just gotta speak my own truth here. I’ll once again quote my Child’s Play 2 vs. Child’s Play 1 article when I say, “The film is brighter, more colorful and runs at a brisk pace. The initial kill, a technician being electrocuted during the process of restoring (reanimating) Chucky perfectly sets up the film’s mix of youthful whimsy and adult cynicism. [And] the film’s finale in the makeshift funhouse of the “Good Guy” assembly line embodies the success of the piece in a nutshell. It’s exploding with color and inventiveness. It’s violent and bloody, but playful. It has a nice sense of momentum and is able to oscillate between humor and menace in a deft manner. Thematically, it brings Chucky sort of full circle in his demise (at least in terms of his 2nd life as a doll). And it sums up how John Lafia’s Child’s Play 2 outshines the original Tom Holland film a bit – it manages to have its cake and eat it too. That’s what Chucky’s all about isn’t it?

But what about you? What’s your favorite Child’s Play film? Vote in our poll!