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[TV] New Sneaks At Both “American Horror Story” and “The Walking Dead’s” Second Episodes



We now have a look at a pair of sneak peaks at the second episodes of both AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” which airs Sundays, and FX’s “American Horror Story: Coven,” airing Wednesdays.

Airing October 20, here’s the synopsis for “The Walking Dead” Episode 4.02, “Infected”: “The group faces a new enemy; Rick and the others fight to protect their hard-won livelihood.

In “Coven” Episode 3.02, “Boy Parts,” debuting on October 16, “Death has failed to claim more than one person… including Madame LaLaurie, whose secrets Fiona is determined to ferret out. The next day, at Morning Gathering, Queenie tells the story of how she first discovered her powers and ancestry, and ended up at the Academy. The Gathering is interrupted by a pair of detectives, Sanchez and Stiles, who want to talk to Madison and Zoe about what happened at the frat party. Fiona makes sure their investigation ends immediately… leaving the girls utterly terrified of her. Later, Madison decides to pay Zoe back for her help. But when Madison decides to play Dr. Frankenstein and build Zoe the “perfect boyfriend,” things go gruesomely wrong. Meanwhile, Cordelia and Hank meet with a fertility doctor, but after a year of treatments there’s still no progress. Hank exhorts her to use her magic instead; Cordelia is reluctant, but ultimately assents to the black ceremony, despite her misgivings. Back at the Academy, LaLaurie tells the story of how she came to be immortal – cursed and buried alive by Marie Laveau. As Fiona confronts the still-living Marie, risking ending the ages-old truce between the witches and the voodoo priestesses, LaLaurie makes her escape… though after 180 years in a coffin, she is unprepared for the modern world. And Zoe and her new “boyfriend” find themselves with a new and somewhat unsettling ally.

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