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Trademark Filed For ‘Alien: Isolation’, May Star Ripley’s Daughter



It looks like we could be getting another Alien game, though after the hot mess that was Aliens: Colonial Marines, I’m not sure there’s much demand for one right now. Either way, 20th Century Fox has filed a trademark for something called Alien: Isolation — we know it’s a game, because it’s filed for “computer game and video game software, downloadable mobile software, and decorative magnets.” Decorative magnets, you say? I’m sold!

Obviously, this shouldn’t be taken as confirmation that there’s a follow-up to Colonial Marines incoming — it may be something else entirely, like the start of a brand new franchise, or maybe it’s just something fancy to slap on your fridge. More after the break.

According to Kotaku, the game, which may be the next-gen Alien game developer Creative Assembly was hiring for last spring, may star Ellen Ripley’s daughter.

Their source, who claims to know what’s in the works at Sega, says it’s a first person shooter with elements of stealth and horror. Supposedly, it’s inspired by Dishonored and BioShock and will follow Amanda Ripley as she mows down “clones and soldiers” on a space station, with aliens playing a significantly smaller role in the combat.

Apparently, Sega’s original plan was to announce the game at E3 in June, but they delayed the announcement to continue working on the game. They’re taking Colonial Marines’ overwhelmingly negative reception seriously. That’s smart.

If all of this proves true, I’m glad Sega isn’t looking to release another awful Alien game. The last tarnished the franchise pretty badly and managed to be the cause of developer TimeGate’s closure. I’m not sure about the focus on clones and soldiers as enemies — I can’t say that sounds very fun. If a majority of the game features a single alien, to me, this sounds more like Call of Duty in space. What do you think?

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