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[Toys] NECA Reveals “Scalers” Decorative Cord Accessories



NECA today announced “Scalers”, a new line of licensed electronics accessories that builds on its established relationships with some of the hottest intellectual properties to bring a brand new concept to the marketplace. “Scalers” are decorative cord accessories in the shape of miniature character figures, with a patented mechanism that fastens to headphone cords, device cables and more.

More than 50 licenses will be incorporated into the “Scalers” product line, including Pacific Rim, Aliens, Predator, Godzilla, Portal, Friday the 13th and A Nightmare on Elm Street.

Each “Scaler” is a sculpted, hand-painted miniature figure from some of the most widely recognized properties in the world. With “Scalers”, consumers can express their own personality while decorating or identifying electronics cords.


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