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[Random Cool] Insanely Detailed Lego ‘Arkham Asylum’



Thorsten Bonsch Xenomurphy just spent the last year creating his LEGO Arkham Asylum masterpiece. The Gothic structure is ridiculously detailed, incorporating everything from Poison Ivy’s overgrown cell to an Arkham Ambulance.

While most LEGO fanatics would just build the thing and let it be, Thorsten also created an elaborate 82-page “Making Of” book in which he explains his entire process. He goes into great detail about his love for LEGO and superheroes, the difficulties in making Arkham Asylum, and the prep work. Check it all out below.

The book is definitely work a read if you have some free time. It offers great insight into the creative process, and shows you just how much care needs to go into a piece of serious art. There is no slacking here, and I think the work speaks for itself.

You can check out more of the work on Thorsten’s Flickr. He also made the entire document available as a free downloadable PDF.


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