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Emma Stone Passes On ‘Ghostbusters 3’…



A brief Ghostbusters 3 update and still nothing official has come out of Columbia Pictures’ mouth. They haven’t even announced the film yet, so who knows if the long-gestured sequel will even happen.

According to SK, Emma Stone is passing on “Anna” but Jonah Hill still has an offer out for “Jeremy”. So much for the big Superbad reunion. They also state that Sony wants two big stars signed on or they will not green light the picture.

Harold Ramis, Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson, Rick Moranis, Sigourney Weaver aren’t stars, apparently.

Ivan Reitman will direct if this ever happens. It follows a ragtag group of paranormal researchers reopen their notorious ghost removal service, and a new generation of Ghostbusters is brought on board to be green slimed and trained to contain the mischievous spirits. We previously reported that the new ‘Busters will be lead by Dana and Peter’s lovechild, Oscar.

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