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10 Revolutionary Horror Films!



One of the great things about horror is that it constantly challenges us, the studios, and is a constantly a reflection of society at that given point in time. The giant monster movies of the 50’s and 60’s were based upon our fear during the Cold War. The excesses of the 80’s led to some truly outrageous shockers. Each decade had something to offer, something special. Many of these films changed the course of horror and, in many situations, the course of film itself. So join me below as I list off 10 Revolutionary Horror Films!

The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari – 1920

The first true surreal, expressionist, silent horror film that defied the “normal” world around in favor of a twisted (both literally and metaphorically) landscape. The influences of this film can be felt in nearly every horror movie since its release as well as in the music world.

The Hunchback Of Notre Dame – 1923

The true beginning to the Universal movie monster series, this film locked in actor Lon Chaney as a true horror icon, perhaps the first of his kind. It also spawned numerous remakes, something we still see happening today.

King Kong – 1933

This film not only challenged the methods by which a movie was filmed, it took those challenges and ran circles around them. Seriously, if you want to have your mind blown when it comes to filmmaking techniques, find a good “Making Of” for this film, sit back, and be amazed. Many claim that Citizen Kane is one of the most influential movies when it comes to the actual art of filmmaking but I disagree. I say that King Kong is the rightful bearer of that title.

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