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Mondo Releasing ‘Here Comes The Devil’ On Vinyl



Mondo has just announced that they will be releasing the soundtrack to Adrian Garcia Bogliano’s horror/thriller Here Comes The Devil, which was composed by Julio Pillado. The digital download will be available December 17th via Amazon while a vinyl release will arrive on January 24th, 2014 via Mondo. It will hit select music stores later in 2014.

As a collector of soundtracks I’m absolutely thrilled to have Mondo releasing this score. Not only are they one of the greatest labels in the world for soundtracks but they’re also showing once again that they’re bold and they have a unique vision by releasing an album made almost entirely by independent artists from Tijuana. I was always confident of the talent of everyone involved in the score and this is an amazing opportunity to show the work of a bunch of exciting new musicians,” said Bogliano.

Head below for the cover, track list, and trailer.

Track List:
1. Sandra & Abril (1:07)
2. Adolfo’s Room (1:33)
3. There Goes The Devil (4:04)
4. Devil’s Throat (2:40)
5. Climbing The Hill – Braulio Lam & Benito Lam (2:45)
6. The Devil Stood On My Chest – Joel Alonso & LSD (2:34)
7. Gas Station (2:03)
8. In Tijuana (5:49)
9. Kids Return (1:34)
10. Going Into The Cave (2:34)
11. AOK In The USA – Knife Of Simpson (5:36)
12. Chase (2:15)
13. Radio (1:05)
14. Sara’s Room (1:23)
15. Sex In The Car – Braulio Lam & Benito Lam (1:18)
16. There Goes The Devil (Vocal Variation) (2:30)
17. Each One In His Room (1:46)
18. Sandra & Abril (Reprise) (0:56)
19. Terror – The Massacre Must Begin (3:04)


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