Review: 'B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth' #114 - Bloody Disgusting
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Review: ‘B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth’ #114



So much has been going on in the Mignolaverse with Abe on the run and Hellboy dead, it’s nice to have a highly volatile character like Liz Sherman back into the fold. This arc has had a lot of revelations throughout it and this final chapter cements some key plot points that will take over in the New Year.

WRITTEN BY: Mike Mignola and John Arcudi
ART BY: Tyler Crook
PUBLISHER: Dark Horse Comics
PRICE: 3.50
RELEASE DATE: December 18, 2013

“Lake of Fire” has been a brilliant story arc. Liz Sherman, Fenix and, in a lesser degree, Johaan, have all been forced into action in one way or another. This issue really puts an emphasis on what has been going on over the course of the arc, it’s all about making executive decisions and in Liz and Fenix’s cases, getting your hands dirty to do it. The real highlight of this issue and arc has been the reassuring presence of Liz and the re-emergence of her immolation abilities.

Mignola and Arcudi have been building up this story line for what seems ever but I think finally the BPRD are going to retaliate and mount the offensive against New York that’s been talked about for so long. “Lake of Fire” continues to up the “B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth” story by having its main characters take action in the situations that can have resounding effect on the overall plot. With this 5-part arc coming to a close, I am filled with so much anticipation for the forthcoming issues, “B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth” is going to be insane in 2014 and I can’t wait.

I’ve come to really respect Tyler Crook’s work, he has done a fantastic job working with Dave Stewart on the art of these past 5 issues. Though in the previous two issues we saw Crook’s skill at drawing mutated monsters, this issue really show cases the horrific ability he has to illustrate one hell of disgusting, disfigured atrocity.

A solid issue to cap off what has been an informative and entertaining story arc. Looking very much forward to 2014 and the forth coming “Reign of the Black Flame”.

3.5/5 Skulls

Reviewed by – GreenBasterd


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