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5 Incredible Moments With The ‘DayZ’ Standalone



Written by Jason Nawara, @JasonNawara

The DayZ standalone hasn’t even been in our cold, hungry hands for a week, and yet there is already a tent-full of amazing moments littering the internet like so many cans of discarded beans. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to create a little list of some of the best DayZ standalone moments that have popped out at us like someone asking if there was anyone in Cherno.

5. The Exorcism.

Dark things are going on in Chernarus, this much is known. From the dead rising, to the rampant burglaries, murders, thrill kills or experiments – all transgressions were somewhat expected once society went down a road of bones.

There are… Different things, too… Like this exorcism.

4. “It’s nothing personal”

DayZ will bring something out in you. A morbid, scary part of your being that you didn’t know existed. Of course, many will do what they have to do to survive, but others just want to hear what it sounds like to place an axe firmly into a skull.

3. Justice for a Friend

The moment you hear those waves and you feel the sand under your feet on the coast of Chernarus, the first thing you must tell yourself is, “I’m already dead.” You will die. Your friends will die. They will die next to you, or in your arms. Maybe you’ll watch them be brutally beaten to death by bandits carrying shovels. Your life is now death, ironically, and you must be prepared to face that.

Everyone reacts differently. Fight. Flight. Maybe you track your friend’s murderer, then handcuff him, beat him into submission, then tell him to take a death march into a gas station that you will blow up when you deem fit.

As we said before, DayZ changes people.

2. The Yin and the Yang

Such a horrible, thankless life on Chernarus wouldn’t be worth living if a little bit of friendliness didn’t spread. Oddly enough, most friendly moments come in a fit of panic. It’s a known phenomenon that many failed bandits end up simply approaching what were once their marks, and end up offering them food or some sort of service.

It truly isn’t easy to be a cold-hearted bandit in DayZ, as much as some people think it may be. Certainly, it’s a lot easier to open fire on a man carrying a gun in your territory, but to corner someone and torture them, or to end their life when they are but a bambi, that takes a heart as black as the loading screen.

Luckily, some people are nice.

1. The Wiggles

This is a video causing much controversy in DayZ circles world wide. Rather than spell it out here, I recommend you watch the video and discuss what happened in the comment section, with your fellow survivors.

Stay warm. Eat beans.


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