Indie Horror 'Quadrant' Makes A 1970s NASA Lab Terrifying - Bloody Disgusting
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Indie Horror ‘Quadrant’ Makes A 1970s NASA Lab Terrifying



Looks like I can add another title to my list of upcoming horror games that are worth being excited about. Developed by indie developer HKFiftyOne Games, “Quadrant” is set in a NASA lab that was quarantined after a mysterious substance leakage. As a member of a bio-hazardous waste removal crew, you’re tasked with taking care of it, but because this is a survival horror game, that substance is very much alive and hungry for… your blood. Or something like that.

Check out both of “Quadrant’s” eerie teaser trailers after the jump.

“Quadrant” is scheduled to arrive this August. Interestingly enough, I’ve actually played one of HKFiftyOne’s earlier games, the free indie horror game “Cold Fusion”. You can watch that here.

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