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6 Of The Scariest Monsters From The ‘Silent Hill’ Series!



Twin Victims (Silent Hill 4)

I’ve been pretty harsh toward Silent Hill 4 in the past, but much like my feelings toward Homecoming, I’ve grown to respect it over the years. One of the things it got right was its arsenal of nightmarish monsters. This game had one in particular that stuck with me many years after I played it, and that was the Twin Victims (or Doublehead). These guys were essentially two twin baby heads which sat upon a gargantuan legless frame that was carried by two long arms ending in hands that were just too big. Too big. The best part? They f**king screamed at you when they charged.

They’re also the only reason I haven’t returned to this game after beating it back in 2004.

Ghost (Silent Hill 4)

Okay, maybe they’re not the only reason.

Much to the dismay of many fans, The Room introduced Ghosts. They were conceptually creepy, as they looked much like humans, if we floated through the air in weird poses, groaning and draining the life from anyone who ventured too close (roughly within squirting distance). The frustration came from their inability to die. They are ghosts, after all. The only way to be rid of them was by using special items, like the saint medallion and holy candle, which temporarily kept them at bay.

Needler (Silent Hill: Homecoming)

These freaky bastards have the best symbolism, in my opinion. Though I didn’t realize it at the time, apparently, the Needlers are meant to symbolize childbirth. If you look at them, they do resemble someone who’s in the process of pooing out a baby (I never paid much attention in health class). I guess the Otherworld morphed the stirrups into hellish blades because, why not?

For some reason I always had a rough time fighting these things. It looks like I’m in the minority here, but I just could not get at their sides long enough to deal any real damage. This made every encounter with them ridiculously frustrating for me.

Honorable Mention: Siam

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