Review: 'Abe Sapien' #10 - Bloody Disgusting
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Review: ‘Abe Sapien’ #10



During the tenure of Abe Sapien’s sojourn he has come across a plethora of ghastly monsters of all shapes and sizes, but they stayed beneath the umbrella mutations, not keystone monsters from the horror genre. That all seems to be changing in “Abe Sapien: To the Last Man” where a classic monster rears its undead face.

WRITTEN BY: Mike Mignola and Scott Allie
ART BY: Max Fiumara
PUBLISHER: Dark Horse Comics
RELEASE DATE: February 12
PRICE: 3.50

Abe Sapien’s journey of self-discovery has taken him around his home country in hopes of find a true path to follow. This journey has brought him to a small town that appears to have been missed by the sundering of Earth. Things couldn’t be further from the truth. On the flip side of the story the origin behind a certain “dead” BPRD agent’s resurrection comes to the surface and a deeper layer of plot intrigue is applied the plot of the series.

The plot is starting to get juicy as the hoodlums living on the local golf course make use of the local cemetery for their sinister plots: raising corpses to do their bidding. It’s this area of the story I find the most interesting. The horror is prevalent throughout the BPRD world, but rarely have they been full blown zombies. I do enjoy how Abe’s story continues to change and evolve, but with the whole BPRD going to war and some bedlam in the demon world influenced by Hellboy, I would like to see Abe’s story take a more prevalent role in the universal scheme instead revolving solely around him.

As work continues to come down the pipe at Dark Horse, the more I have grown to appreciate the arts that team up within the Mignolaverse. Every book that comes with this label has top notch skill crafted to the story. This book is no different as Max Fiumara uses his unique style to bring a real sense of foreboding doom to the setting. Dave Stewart takes on his main role as colourist and fills the image with life (or in some cases undeath) but using different artistic techniques to make the panels exceptionally appealing.

I like where the story is going and the art is stellar, but I`m waiting for some more tie-in information to come to the front of Abe`s ongoing.

3/5 Skulls

Reviewed by – GreenBasterd


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