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[Remember This?] The Trailer And Website For ‘7500’ Are Now Over Two Years Old



Usually I get really annoyed when people armchair quarterback the business. For every “why doesn’t it happen like *THIS*?” there are actually a million logical answers, most of them having to do with money, scheduling or the fact that something just didn’t turn out quite right. So I’m not going to sit here and aimlesly wonder or expound on why 7500 hasn’t been released yet. It’s self evident that someone, somewhere, isn’t entirely comfortable putting it out yet.

Still, I feel it’s worth noting that the official website and trailer for the film are now over two years old and, aside from some of the film’s talent speculating on Twitter, there’s no release date in sight. Hell, at this point even the rumors of reshoots to get the film “where it needs to be” are over two years old. Granted, it often takes a while for a movie to hit screens (this goes for indie acquisitions and studio productions alike) and it’s not always an indicator against the film’s quality. You’re Next and Warm Bodies were both really good films that got shuffled around in part because Lionsgate and Summit merged and two release schedules had to be streamlined into one. Livide is apparently a really good movie that Dimension just doesn’t know what to do with.

Unlike Livide, which screened at TIFF in 2011, there hasn’t been an opportunity for the press or public to see 7500. We’re not really sure if the film is any good or not. I will tell you that I’m certainly pulling for it to be good. I like director Takashi Shimizu‘s work and the trailer doesn’t actually look all that bad to me. The premise has an inherent goofiness, but other films have overcome far worse. So while I’m definitely not trying to smear the movie, it’s in danger of becoming a period piece. At least one of the FAA regulations (the use of electronics) on display here has been stricken down and is rapidly becoming a waning practice.

If I were the type to armchair quarterback this sort of thing, I’d suggest that CBS films just put this thing on VOD and get what they can from it. Then again, it’s an expensive film and they might not recoup on that platform – especially if they’re cutting their losses and decide not to throw a lot of money into promoting it. Still, some money would be ready than no money, right? But then again, a certain type of theatrical or P&A commitment might be present in the language of someone’s deal on this film – in which case my stupid layman suggestion goes out the window (where most stupid layman suggestions belong). Only time will tell what ultimately happens to 7500.

In the meantime, we still have the trailer. We can all revisit that and wonder if air travel will even exist when this film is finally released or if we’ll have moved on to some next level teleportation sh*t instead.