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Check Out This Band: RPWL



It’s time for me to suggest another band for you, the lovely BD readers! This time I’m suggesting Munich, Germany’s progressive rock band RPWL, who have their new album Wanted coming out on April 1st via Gentle Art Of Music/E1. The band originally began as a Pink Floyd cover band and the influences of this are readily apparent (I say this in the best way possible). They released their first album, God Has Failed, in 2000 and have since steadily released either studio or live albums.

The band’s previous album, Beyond Man And Time?, tackled the themes of Neitzsche. But for Wanted, the band turned to a more difficult topic: the ultimate liberation of the spirit. Heavily influenced by Plato, the album features 10 tracks that “…tell a compelling story of courage, doubt, bravery, the unconditional desire to never give in and, ultimately, the belief in what is right.

Head on below for a teaser of Wanted (which you can pre-order here) as well as the track “Unchain The Earth”.

RPWL online:
Official Website

Wanted Track Listing
01. Revelation
02. Swords And Guns
03. A Short Cut Line
04. Wanted
05. Hide And Seek
06. Disbelief
07. Misguided Thought
08. Perfect Day
09. The Attack
10. A New Dawn

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