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[TV] “Stake Land” Being Developed Into Series!



One of my biggest issues with Stake Land is that the world is a bit too big for the condensed story. This issue will soon be resolved when Dark Sky’s successful genre film becomes a television series…

The Wrap reports that Jim Mickle and writer/actor Nick Damici are on the verge of teaming again for the small screen version of the post-apocalyptic vampire tale. MPI/Dark Sky’s Greg Newman, who executive produced the movie, is also involved.

The series would begin seven years after the end of the film, and would involve many new species of vampires.

They all mutated, there’s tons of different vamps,” Damici explained. “I said to Greg, the only thing I’ll need — I’ll write my ass off — the only thing is I’ve got to have enough of a budget to have flying vamps. It spread to animals, so we’ve got vamp dogs and a vamp bear.

Dark Sky and Damici are at SXSW premiering their new movie, Late Phases, about a werewolf terrorizing a retirement home.

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