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Monkeybrain Monday 5 Skull Review: “Headspace” # 1



While Monkeybrain comics may not specialize in horror, they do specialize in quality comic books. For those of you looking to expand your palette this is “Monkeybrain Monday” showcasing some of the digital titles this smaller publisher has to offer.

Ryan K Lindsay is an established authority in the comics world. He writes about comics, scripts them, and does prose too. His newest collaboration ,“Headspace” takes an unconventional trip to Carpenter Cove. A city located the mind of a killer. We follow Shane, the local sheriff as he battles isolation, loss, and insurmountable odds in a very surreal and insane place.

WRITTEN BY: Ryan K Lindsay
ART BY: Eric Zawadzki & Chris Peterson
PUBLISHER: Monkeybrain Comics
PRICE: $0.99

“Headspace” always keeps you guessing. What appears to be a straightforward narrative is quickly cast away. It’s revealed we’re in the mind of a killer. You think okay; we’ll follow this normal sheriff as he slowly pieces together his situation. Lindsay wastes no time, the story explodes and doesn’t let up. The big “twist” isn’t even a twist; it’s a framing device for insanity and horror.

Shane fights his way through the volatile headspace of Max, a serial killer on the run. The script switches between both POV’s to fantastic effect. You watch as the nature of Max’s situation is reflected in the madness of Carpenter Cove. Within said insanity, Shane must find a way to define himself and his situation against everything in his way. Which comes to reveal the heart of the story in the fleeting moments of the issue.

The art is stellar all around. The sequences in Carpenter Cove are cleanly laid out and feature some of the most vibrant creature and character designs around. The town is fully realized. Eric Zawadzki’s style is incredible. He spares no detail and has a knack for incredible perspective. As if this all wasn’t enough he colors his own work. Tonally everything is beautiful and totally soaked in the bleak emotions the script communicates. It’s truly incredible stuff.

When in the real world, Chris Peterson and colorist Marissa Louise take over. Creating a more fast paced and grittier look that serves to add some flavor to the story. It looks distinct, detailed, and dynamic. You’ll feel awash in a sea of strangers as Max frantically tries to free himself from the trouble created by his murders.

“Headspace” is a phenomenal read on every level. The concept is brilliant and executed with such skill that’ll you’ll barely find time to take a breath. The pacing is perfect and the world building is insane. It’s as good as first issues get, and it sows the seeds of an infinitely more interesting world to come. I can’t wait to see issue 2.

Rating: 5/5 Skulls.


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