Monkeybrain Monday Advance Review: “Headspace” #2 - Bloody Disgusting
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Monkeybrain Monday Advance Review: “Headspace” #2



Monkeybrain comics may not specialize in horror, but they are horrifically good. This is “Monkeybrain Monday.” A showcase of the digital titles this rad publisher has to offer.

“Headspace” #2 dives further into the unconventional world of Carpenter Cove as Shane comes to terms with his own existence. He realizes more about who he was, blaming himself for the loss of his son. This month Ryan K. Lindsay gets lost in a mind within a mind. The existential journey does leaps and bounds to solidify motivation, character development, and the insane nature of Max’s head.

WRITTEN BY: Ryan K Lindsay
ART BY: Eric Zawadzki & Chris Peterson
PUBLISHER: Monkeybrain Comics
PRICE: $0.99

Sometimes it’s really hard to come to terms with our own state of being. For Shane, it seems rather easy. It’s all washing over him at once, and he’s dealing with it quite well, all things considered. I mean he’s inside the mind of a killer, and he’s just realized he had a son who was murdered.

Shane spends the majority of this issue on the run. He’s after something. He’s after his own memories, and the more he runs the more he comes to terms with his guilt. He’s determined to leave his prison, even if its one devoid of logic. It’s an excellent predicament that Lindsay roots in real world heart. He pushes his own vulnerabilities into Shane resulting in an impactful and heartfelt conundrum. I want for Shane to break into the real world, I don’t know how he’ll do it, but I’m along for the ride.

Eric Zawadzki does all the heavy lifting this month. We don’t take any trips into the real world, so everything remains surreal and vibrant. The art pops off the page and feels dynamic, making Shane’s struggle almost helpless. It adds to the narrative because Zawadzki always ensures to pit Shane against all sorts of horror. For the first part of the issue a look of panic can be found in virtually every panel.

Then his style eases into a more subdued and darker tone for the revelations that come near the end of the script. None of them are easy to digest, but they have huge implications for the remainder of the series. It excites me to no end because they should destroy Shane, but he has proven to unflinching in his strength.

I have no doubts that Shane will find a way to break out of his prison and emerge from the pit of insanity he’s found himself in. The horrors of Carpenter Cove are as unpredictable as they are monsterous, but they pale in comparison to the actual monster who dreamt them up. Shane is brave, but he’s not ready yet. He needs to defeat his own mind to leave Max’s. Only time will tell if he succeeds.

“Headspace” #2 is a briskly paced chapter that builds upon the strong foundation laid out by the debut. We now have a strong and determined protagonist with a clear goal; the only thing standing between him and redemption is his own physical intangibility and the demons of his past…. Should be a walk in the park.

Rating: 4/5 Skulls.


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