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Another Sasquatch Movie With ‘Bigfoot Wars’ (Trailer)



Check out the art and trailer for Bigfoot Wars from Origin Releasing.

The film is the Boggy Wars prequel and is based on the bestselling book series by Eric S. Brown. It’s an introduction to the classic man versus mythical beast series set in the small town of Boggy Creek.

Starring C. Thomas Howell (Red Dawn, E.T.) and Judd Nelson (The Breakfast Club), this horror/thriller version of the classic Bigfoot tale “follows a group of teens that are thrust into a nightmare beyond their wildest imaginations when the creatures begin to try and mate with the girls and kill off the guys – and no one believes them, except for Zeke Jesterson (Howell) and Sheriff Jim Taylor (Holt Boggs, Hostage), whose daughter has been kidnapped by the savage beasts. From the horrifying opening scene to the intense conclusion, no one is safe from Bigfoot.

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