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[ECCC ’14] Mythos of Alien, Predator, Alien Versus Predator, and Prometheus



Dark Horse brutally teased the panel attendees with impassioned tidbits from writers Paul Tobin, Chris Roberson, Christopher Sebela, Kelly Sue DeConnick, and Josh Williamson about their new mythos of Prometheus, Aliens, and Predator. This compilation comic series will revamp the Ridley Scott world into a cannon that new and long-time fans will love and appreciate.

Christopher Sebela on Alien Versus Predator, Joshua Williamson on Predator, Chris Roberson on Alien, Paul Tobin on Promethues, and Kelly Sue Deconnick is part of the team, but it wasn’t clear what role she’ll play in the final product. We imagine she’ll write her own arc within the story, because she seemed very passionate about the main character.

Chris Roberson called Alien a little bit Lord of the Flies, a little Gilligans Island and a little LOST. He called his story a castaway type situation. He commented on the fact that he had layered his story with Gilligan’s Island the hints are about seventeen steps deep.

They all met at Scott Allie’s house with Scott’s wife making them all pastries. They all develop the characters and shared parts of the universe. Paul starts laying the groundwork on Prometheus, which launches first. He hands off the characters to the other writers so they can kill them off.

The script for Prometheus #1 was entirely finished with completed art, but FOX stepped in and had to rip the script apart. The things that took place in the original draft conflicted with the ongoing plans for future films. So the entire script had to be rewritten, and the art had to be redone.

Christopher Sebela on Alien Versus Predator called it a Frankenstien story. He loves flawed and broken characters. He aims to make us love this scummy people. Scott chimed in and said every series takes place on spaceships and features bloodbathes.

Kelly Sue Deconnick talked about the character of Angela, the leader of the salvage expedition. She’s following in the footsteps of the strong female character established from the legacy of Ripley. She has a very transformative over the course of the entire series.

They addressed the fear of knowing the world of films. They said these series should be easily digestible regardless of whether or not you know the film’s history. The only connection would be to the earliest films in the series. They want to reestablish these properties as really strong individual Dark Horse titles.


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