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Image Announces A Savage Fantasy, ‘Dark Engine’!



Image Comics has a new ongoing series, “Dark Engine”, coming out from Ryan Burton and John Bivens that blends elements of dark fantasy and mystery. The plot sounds a bit convoluted, but intriguing nonetheless as a savage woman known as Sym is sent back in time to destroy the enemies of her maker. Burton explains that the series is far reaching and we may even see some old Lovecraftian monsters. They had me at Lovecraft.

Look for “Dark Engine” #1 in shops July 16, 2014.

From the press release:

Sent to the distant past, Sym must thwart her enemies before it’s too late

Ryan Burton teams up with John Bivens for an all-new ongoing series that blends elements of dark fantasy and action with mystery.

With ribsword in hand, with gore in her curling locks, Sym has been sent to the distant past to murder her creators’ enemies. But the twisted alchemists who made Sym do not know that the engine that powers her is sentient, that it is the seed of their destruction. By blood and by fury, Sym will carve out her destiny in this new ongoing series.

DARK ENGINE is about the evil things that lurk inside us all. “Some drive us, some are alive and thinking. And Sym will learn just exactly what drives her, and why she was sent back in time to essentially murder anything standing,” explained Burton. “Of course, John [Bivens] does a brilliant job of capturing the enormous scope of the story, whether it’s showing the stygian machinations of Sym’s creators or the harrowing vistas that are littered with the husks of old Lovecraftian monsters, it’s all there.”

DARK ENGINE #1 arrives in stores on 7/16, and will be available for $3.50. It can be pre-ordered with Diamond Code MAY140574.


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